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Is an Inground Backyard Fibreglass Pool Worth the Money?

With any major investment, most of us probably stumble a time or two as we question will a purchase be worth the money, and in your case what is a swimming pool worth? Should I get that new car? Should we remodel the kitchen?  We get it. Spending your hard-earned money on anything can cause one to second guess what they really want to do. This also holds true for those who are thinking about getting an inground backyard fibreglass swimming pool. Yes, you will have to reach deeper into your pocket in order to make this dream come true. However, let’s consider a few items of interest on pool worth that might tip the scales in favour of the investment.

Making the Decision to Purchase an Inground Backyard Fibreglass Swimming Pool

At Nexus Pools, we understand you want to make a solid decision when it comes to spending your money. Would we like you to be our customer? Absolutely. But we would be remiss if we didn’t educate our customers and provide them with information that will help them make the best decision for them, their families, and their situation.

When you get right down to it, there are five good reasons to purchase a fibreglass swimming pool that let you answer the question “Is an Inground Backyard Fibreglass Pool Worth the Money?” Let’s take a look at each of those. From there, you can determine if getting a backyard pool is an investment you want to make. We are not here to push you into doing anything. However, if and when you decide to become the proud owner of a fibreglass swimming pool from Nexus Pools, we will do everything we can to give you the confidence that you have made the best decision for you and your family.

5 Points to Ponder When Considering Getting an Inground Backyard Fibreglass Swimming Pool

1. An inground backyard pool can positively impact the real estate value of your home.

Some people may argue this point, but an inground fibreglass pool can increase the overall value of your home. Thanks to saltwater systems and fibreglass technology, the argument that “pools require a lot of maintenance,” loses some of its steam. As a low-maintenance feature, an inground fibreglass swimming pool can be a huge attraction to potential buyers of your home.

2. An inground backyard pool can greatly benefit your kids.

Raising kids can be a challenge. There are times when you wonder if it will ever end. However, it’s those little moments that we spend with them as they are growing up that make the collective experience we fondly remember years later. A backyard pool will create so many snapshots of your memories once the kids are grown. Plus, as an added benefit, when your kids have left the nest, having a backyard pool may be just one of the things that keeps them coming back to visit.

3. An inground backyard pool can benefit your entire family.

Do you ever feel as if you do not spend enough time with your family? With so many distractions in life, such as technology and over-packed schedules, we can lose sight of what’s truly important: time together. When you have a backyard pool, you offer an open invitation to everyone to join together for some fun. This includes your extended family, too. You can never get too much quality time together. Those are the moments you will never get back. A backyard pool gives you the opportunity to stand in the moment and appreciate the memory it will one day become.

4. An inground backyard pool can foster a sense of community.

If your home is the gathering spot for social clubs, kids’ friends, youth groups, and more, a backyard pool is the perfect magnet to keep them coming back for more. Avoid being disconnected from those you love and appreciate. With a backyard pool, you have the perfect excuse to host a party, a social event, a church activity, and more. These are the ties that bind.

5. An inground backyard pool can become your favourite vacation spot.

Are you struggling to decide where to go or even if you can afford to take the whole family on a grand adventure? Sometimes, just stepping into the wonderland that is your backyard can be the most rewarding and memorable place to be. First, it’s convenient. Secondly, it’s less expensive than a cruise. Finally, it can surprisingly be just the thing you need to “get away from it all” without going anywhere at all. Remember! The memories you create around your inground backyard fibreglass swimming pool give you a return ticket to the past.You simply cannot put a price tag on that.

We sincerely hope these points of consideration provide some food for thought and help you answer the question “Is an Inground Backyard Fibreglass Pool Worth the Money?” Only you can make the decision for yourself. Our goal at Nexus Pools is to ensure that an investment into one of our inground fibreglass swimming pools is one that provides a pretty heft return in terms of the memories you will make when enjoying it with family and friends. It’s difficult to put a price tag on that.

When you are ready to take the plunge, Nexus Pools stands at the ready. As always, we invite you to live in the moment and stay for the memory. Contact us today to get started on the backyard of your dreams.