Child paddling in a swimming pool designed by Nexus Pools Australia

Nexus Pools Range

At Nexus Pools, One Size does not Fit All

Choose a style for your inground backyard fibreglass swimming pool that ensures it is dressed for the occasion and explore our portfolio of exciting features. No matter how you wish to accessorise your pool – with a spa, splash deck, swim out ledge or more – we have something for everyone’s preference. Plus, Nexus Pools offers many size options to accommodate your backyard. Just use our gallery below to help you select the pool of your dreams.

The Escape

Available in 6.10m and 5.00m

The Escape beckons as a haven where the pressures of modern living dissolve. This masterfully crafted plunge pool transcends its dimensions, carving out a space that is as much about emotion as it is about water.

The Eternal

Available in 12.20m, 10.70m, 9.15m, 8.20m, 7.00m and 6.10m

Let summer reign forever with the zest and splendour of The Eternal. This timeless and stylish design enchants its audience as your backyard becomes the hub of family interaction and connection.

The Journey

Available in 6.10m and 5.00m

The Journey has the remarkable ability to encapsulate memories from the past, weave them seamlessly into the present, and inspire dreams for the future. This plunge pool emerges as an outstanding solution that turns space limitations into opportunities.

The Retreat

Available in 12.20m, 10.00m and 8.20m

The ultimate refuge, The Retreat invites you to unselfishly unwind and unplug. As you soak in the spacious spa, the tranquil sounds of the flowing water dancing over the spillover ledge embrace your senses.

The Muse with Spa

Available in 7.60m and 6.10m

Designed with thoughtful features that respond to your desire for connectivity and relaxation, The Muse will put you on a new path to bliss. The flush, built-in spa creates a hub of connectivity for you and your friends.

The Muse with Raised Spa

Available in 7.60m and 6.10m

The Muse boasts an extraordinary array of stunning features that are further heightened through the addition of a raised spa. Treat your tired and tense muscles to the ultimate in rejuvenation.

The Unity

Available in 12.20m, 10.00m, 9.15m, 8.20m, 7.00m and 6.10m

Flawlessly capturing the elements of love and the quality of community you appreciate, The Unity brings these to your home and to your heart. Just as its name suggests.