The Unity

Flawlessly capturing the elements of love and the quality of community you appreciate, The Unity brings these to your home and to your heart. Just as its name suggests, The Unity takes the feeling of family and community to the next level, bringing people together with comfort and familiarity at its core. The spacious swim corridor spans from one end to the other, providing the opportunity for fitness to improve your overall well-being. As the swim corridor opens into a wider space, it invites you to enjoy a variety of fun and games together. The sloping pool floor extends that offering into a more comfortable space for swimming and fun. Maximizing every inch of the pool, The Unity lives up to its calling: to be enjoyed as a place of gathering. The Unity effortlessly brings people together to a time called forever.

Features & Specifications

Pool Sizes

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  • 12.20m (L) x 4.40m (W) | Min Depth 1.20m • Max Depth 2.00m
  • 10.00m (L) x 4.40m (W) | Min Depth 1.20m • Max Depth 1.85m
  • 9.15m (L) x 4.40m (W) | Min Depth 1.20m • Max Depth 1.80m
  • 8.20m (L) x 4.40m (W) | Min Depth 1.20m • Max Depth 1.70m
  • 7.00m (L) x 3.80m (W) | Min Depth 1.20m • Max Depth 1.60m
  • 6.10m (L) x 3.50m (W) | Min Depth 1.20m • Max Depth 1.60m

Glorious Features

When you own a custom inground fibreglass swimming pool from Nexus Pools, it’s the innovative features that truly make it unique. These elements are strategically integrated into the design of each pool, elevating your swimming experience to a higher level for safety, convenience, and fun.

Splash Deck

With its consistent shallow depth, the splash deck is the ideal place to soak up the sun, socialise with friends and family, and simply live in the moment. As an added benefit, it’s a great place for the kids to play while you relax.

Outline drawing of a Nexus swimming pool design showing the splash deck

Bench Seat

Offset from the pool’s edge, the bench seat lets you enjoy the pool without having to tread water. Placed strategically along the perimeter of the pool, this feature provides ample in-pool seating that also offers a back rest. This could be the best seat in the pool!

Outline drawing of a Nexus swimming pool design showing the bench seat

Sloped Floor

The angle between the pool floor and the horizontal plane, a sloped floor offers a shallow end and a deep end. This provides space for younger children to enjoy the shallower end while older and more advanced swimmers can enjoy the deeper end.

Outline drawing of a Nexus swimming pool design showing the sloped floor

Get Colourful

Express Your Creativity in Colourful Style

Our range of brilliant pool colours are not just to be seen but also to be experienced. What colour do you want your moments and memories to be?

What Are You Waiting For?

Take the Plunge. Your Pool Journey Awaits.

At Nexus Pools, we believe the best part about memories is making them. The main ingredient required for that is togetherness with family and friends. There truly is no time like the present, so why not give yourself the present of time spent with those who matter the most to you?