Fibreglass Pool Installation Process

Pool installation may seem daunting, but it can be quite straightforward. In most cases, the process can be completed in as little as one week.

Owning your own backyard swimming pool is a significant milestone that should be enjoyed. In this article, we’ll outline the common steps involved in fibreglass pool installation, so you know what to expect during the process.

Site Assessment

Before the pool arrives, the site is assessed for suitability. Factors such as overhead wires, branches, driveway size, and ground stability are considered. Experienced professionals are essential, especially in limited-access installation sites.


The excavation is crucial for achieving the perfect layout. Installers follow dig sheets and landscaping requirements meticulously. Some outsource this step, while others handle it internally.

Base Setting

The base of the pool must be set flawlessly. Setting the base is considered the most important part of the installation. Installers use different methods to achieve this, but all to achieve the perfect base to support your pool.

Pool Installation

Different methods, including cranes or even helicopters, are used to lower the pool into the excavation area. Once installed, minor adjustments may be necessary to ensure the pool is level.


The backfilling is done while the pool is simultaneously filled with water to maintain stability and ensure equal pressure during the process. The stairs and seating areas demand greater attention during this process. Once the pool is filled from a determined height away from the top, the cuts for the lights, jets, skimmer, and returns can be made.


Plumbing a swimming pool is a process that needs to be completed with great attention to detail to ensure no issues once the deck and landscaping are completed. Installers will use high-quality products to ensure the seal is high quality.

If you plan to make upgrades to your swimming pool in the future, like jets, lights or others, you must make your installer aware so they can prepare the pre-plumbing to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

Pouring concrete, coping, and fencing – Step seven

The concreting is done once all other processes have been completed, and this is when you will get an idea of how your backyard will look. Concrete takes a few days to set, variable depending on the weather. Once the concrete is set, coping can be done.

It is required to install a fence to protect against accidents around the pool area to comply with safety requirements.

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