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Top 5 Benefits of Having a Small Inground Pool

So, you want an inground backyard fibreglass swimming pool. Your heart is set on making your backyard oasis come true. However, you may be worried there might be a few stumbling blocks that could prevent this dream from coming true.

For example, you may think your yard is just too tiny to accommodate a pool. Further, you may have concerns about how much time you actually have to maintain a pool. Finally, the cost to maintain and clean a backyard pool may seem a bit overwhelming to you. What if I can’t afford it?

Granted, those are valid concerns. However, they should not keep you from owning that backyard fibreglass pool of your dreams. In fact, a small inground backyard swimming pool may be just the solution you need. The benefits are many. That backyard oasis which you desire may be more within reach than you realize.

Small Pools = Big Smiles

  1. A small pool is cost effective. It should come as no surprise that a small inground swimming pool is easier on the pocketbook. Because they take less time to maintain, you will spend less money on chemicals, labor, and other upkeep costs. It just makes sense that the smaller the pool, the less cleaning required. Plus, a smaller swimming pool is more environmentally friendly, as it leaves a smaller ecological imprint than its larger counterparts.
  2. A small pool requires less space. This is a given. Whether you have a small backyard or simply don’t want to utilize the entire yard for a pool, a small pool can be the ideal solution for you. Ask your pool builder about some creative ideas to optimize the space you do have available for your small inground backyard fibreglass pool.
  3. A small pool still offers space for exercise and relaxation. No matter the size of the pool, you can still relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment just as you could in a larger pool. Even at a reduced size, a small inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool offers the same opportunities as a larger pool to get some fun and fitness in.
  4. A small pool leaves more available space in your backyard. Some inground backyard swimming pools require a massive amount of space. This leaves little room to add other amenities. When you have a small inground backyard pool, you have more opportunities to incorporate a spa, a patio, a deck, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, and more.
  5. A small pool equates to a lower initial investment. It’s no secret swimming pools are an investment, not only financially, but also for your home, your family, and your well-being. The best part about a smaller pool is that it is less expensive to install than a larger pool. Plus, with the extra money you save on the installation, you can think about adding other features and accessories, such as fountains, bubblers, landscaping and more.

Nexus Pools invites you to discover The Muse, a smaller inground fibreglass backyard swimming pool that comes with a variety of enticing features. Just imagine all of the moments you can celebrate with family and friends, whether splashing in the pool or relaxing in the spa. Life is made for occasions like these.

When you are ready to take your backyard to the next level, Nexus Pools stands at the ready. As always, we invite you to live in the moment and stay for the memory. No matter the size of your pool, the moments and the memories will remain larger than life. Contact us today to get started on the backyard of your dreams. Don’t let the moment pass you by.